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Our Studios will be run by Acton and Montessori Trained Guides that are dedicated to our learner-driven environment.
Amanda Greenberg, M.Ed.
Upper Elementary Studio Guide
Hi! I'm Amanda Greenberg. I was born and raised in Arizona.  I grew up with a great love for the outdoors and still love spending as much time as possible outside with my family and friends.  Growing up, I played competitive tennis, which helped me earn a scholarship to play at the college level.  I got my bachelor's degree in Kinesiology with a focus on Exercise Science from Arizona State University in 2009.  In 2012, I decided to switch gears and go into education.  I earned a dual masters degree in Elementary Education and Special Education from La Salle University in 2014.  I've taught in both public and private schools and am thrilled to have found my purpose and home at Nova Trails.  
I'm ecstatic to be using the multiplicity of my life experiences and education to be a Guide at Nova Trails where I will be guiding independent thinkers to find their tribes and their passions and pursue greatness through critical thinking.
Vera-Michele Workman
Middle School Guide
Hi! I’m Vera-Michele and I’m really excited to be working here at Nova Trails. I grew up in the Collegeville area hiking, biking, and being raised much like the Acton Methodology. In my free time, I love to read anything I can get my hands on, journal, workout, and hike. I also have three dogs that I love to pieces. After struggling with health problems for a couple of years, I found a passion for helping with holistic medicine and eventually would like to get my IHP certification and combine it with a study for herbalism.
I have a passion for nontraditional schooling after spending so long in public school, so I’m very excited to be working here and to be finishing my Montessori training. The Acton school has left me in complete awe. Just looking at it, and seeing what these learners can come up with has left me in tears some days, and I’m so excited to be a part of it!
Celine Arnold
Montessori / Pre-K Guide
Hey! I am Celine Arnold. I'm lucky I found Nova Trails through theirawesome Children's Business Fair. Not only that, but I fell in lovewith the amazing Guides and the school. Now I get the opportunity tobe a Guide and I couldn't be more excited. I have homeschooled mydaughter and son for the past couple of years because I never likedtraditional schooling. We spend most of our time outside, learning,observing, hiking, and foraging. I'm also in the process of completingmy Montessori training.
I am currently working on becoming a certified herbalist, which is oneof my passions. My family and I lead a holistic lifestyle because ourhealth is very important to us; you are what you eat!! I love spendingtime with my family, practicing yoga, photography, and plants (I haveway too many). In my downtime, you can find me outside hiking,exploring, or camping.

Nova Trails, Acton Academy - Private SChool in Malvern, PA

Mary Beth Workman
Founder, Nova Trails Acton Academy
Mary Beth has been involved with children since she was a Nanny out of high school, and then had her own two children in her 30’s. She’s always been interested in alternative ways for children to learn, and came across Acton Academy when her own son was in 4th grade. She was overwhelmed with how much her son loved his school and how fast he progressed in a learner driven environment; so overwhelmed, in fact, that she decided she wanted to launch her own Acton Academy! Fast forward, and she is now the owner of Nova Trails, an Acton Academy.
In her free time, Mary Beth loves to spend time with her children and dogs, preferably doing something outside! She loves to hike, trail bike, paddleboard, practice yoga, and travel as well as read, sit by the fire pit, and have deep Socratic discussions. She’s also obsessed with healing through nutrition and holistic living. She is also NAMC certified in Montessori ages 3-6.
We are excited to learn more about what YOU want for your family and if Nova Trails could be the right fit!
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